Ergonomics Assessment

Ergonomics is the science that deals with fitting the on to the worker. Because we are all different, one-size fits all workstations can lead to fatigue, mistakes, lost productivity and injury.

Many work-related injuries develop gradually over time. They result from awkward work positions, heavy forces and repetitive work i.e. workstations and work that do not fit the unique capabilities of individual workers.

An ergonomic workstation maximizes human performance and minimizes risk for injury.

Do I need ergonomics?

  • Does your workplace have workers with back, shoulder or wrist injuries?
  • Does your workplace have high absenteeism?
  • Is labour turnover high?
  • Does your workplace have high compensation costs?
  • Is your workplace considering purchasing new equipment or furniture?
  • Is your workplace considering renovations or expanding?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from ergonomics intervention.

Human Performance Centre provides detailed evaluation, analysis and recommendations (solutions) on how to eliminate or reduce the risk of injuries on a particular job or work area.

We can provide assistance with the development of an entire Ergonomics Program, or we can tailor our service to your companies’ specific needs.

Tailored education sessions are also available.

Please call to arrange for a detailed cost estimate and service proposal to meet you specific needs.