Athletic Testing (Running Evaluation)

In addition to treating running-related injuries in a clinical manner, we can perform a running evaluation to determine how an injury and running style are connected or to prevent injury altogether.

If a patient has a running related injury already, we would treat the condition, help eliminate the cause and make modifications to their running so that they can continue to train while they heal. We get runners back to normal quickly so that they can achieve their fitness and race goals.

We are runners ourselves that have helped hundreds of runners and endurance athletes recover from injury, achieve their goals and prevent further problems. Does a running injury have you sidelined? We can help.

A running evaluation entails:

  • A detailed review of your running history, current training program and goals
  • A videotape treadmill evaluation along with a biomechanical evaluation to identify muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions.
  • Analysis of the information to develop a report outlining the injury risk factors present in your running style.

Further resources can be found at The Running Clinic Website.