Learning to Run?… ? We Can Help!

I Have a Confession…and HPC helped!

I hate running! Or rather, I hated running.

I grew up an active child; played almost every sport you can imagine. Biked, hiked, camped, and participated in all of the typical activities you would expect. I LOVED every minute of it. Exercise was never a concept; it was a way of life. The things I enjoyed most made me active and kept me moving.

Running was something I did on occasion as I got older and had less time to devote to my activities of choice. I was running in an attempt to be active and healthy but I wasn’t enjoying myself. Most of this lack of enjoyment stemmed from the fact that every time I would run, I would hurt.

I recently returned to running with a fresh outlook. When my son was born, time became an even hotter commodity. I needed some form of exercise that I could perform quickly. For the first time, I approached running as something I had to “build up to.” My belief has always been that I’m fit enough to run 5 km, but I was ignoring the fact that I still needed to approach running gradually and allow my body time to adjust to the different demands of the activity.

I‘m fortunate to work alongside accomplished runners and athletes, so I had plenty of resources to draw from. I started a gradual run/walk program that has allowed me to run without hurting. To be honest, I’m still working towards the 5 km run without walking, but I am okay with that! So, I challenge you – set yourself a goal, give yourself the proper amount of time, and surround yourself with the best resources to reach that goal. Do things properly, without rushing. If you’re struggling with where to begin, or how to proceed, let us help.

Call us at the Human Performance Centre, and any of our therapists would be happy to help!

Trevor Watson, PT

Trevor is a physiotherapist at the Human Performance Centre . You can contact him at 738-8299.