Ready to Make a Change… We Can Help!

Has your New Year’s resolution faltered? Maybe you weren’t ready to change…

It’s May 2018, 4 months have already passed since most of us set our New Year’s resolutions. Why is it that this year is no different in that we have already stopped following our resolutions?

The truth is that the concept of behaviour change is very complex. One model that most healthcare practitioners use to help describe behaviour change is called the Stages-of- Change model. The theory behind the Stages-of-Change model is that people may fall on different stages in their readiness to change. Quite simply, if you are not ready to change then setting yourself a goal to try and force this change will not be successful.

Why do so many of us fail with New Year’s Resolutions? If you’re like me, then setting a New Year’s resolution seems like the right thing to do. It’s the start of a new year, why shouldn’t it be the start of a new you? For many of us this decision is forced upon us by the time of year; rather, than based on how prepared we are to make a permanent change.

There are 5 stages of change: 1) Pre-contemplation. 2) Contemplation. 3) Preparation. 4) Action. 5) Maintenance.

It is not until we reach the 2nd stage of Contemplation that we give any thought to making a behaviour change. However, progressing from contemplation to taking action towards a new behaviour can often be difficult and it presents with many obstacles. This is where most of us fail with our resolutions. We think about making a change, but often we do not know how to start or sustain the change over time.

Let us help you with making your positive behaviour change. Whether it is to start exercising, eat healthier, or get over those pesky injuries, we at the Human Performance Centre are here to help you make a successful behaviour change.

Trevor Watson, PT

Trevor is a physiotherapist at the Human Performance Centre. You can contact him at 738-8299