Fall in Love with Health this Valentine’s Day. We Can Help!

February 1, 2018

The holidays have come and gone and hopefully our 2018 New Years resolutions are in motion. With the day of love approaching, it is never too late to add one more resolution to the list. The love for health. Every year, we are all guilty of making realistic and sometimes, unrealistic goals about joining a gym, getting back on track or shredding those extra pounds we put on over the Holidays. Our health should always be on the top of our list and a goal that we work towards every day. Health is a lifestyle, not a diet and I believe the secret is finding a balance that works for you.

An article written by Tina Hoffman, A Heartbeat of Difference, suggests that optimal work performance requires a balance between work and lifestyle related factors. Factors such as healthy working conditions; effective stress management, a balanced diet along with a satisfactory level of fitness. We all feel stress. Stress can directly or indirectly affect our lifestyle by causing us to engage in unhealthy behaviours such as excessive eating. Rather, people do not realise or choose not to realise, that our health takes a hit and does more harm than good as we eat our stresses away.

The key is finding different ways of dealing with the daily stresses in our lives that will make us look and feel good by the end of the day. Make a plan, set a goal and join that gym you have been meaning to and get back on track to shredding that extra weight. Hold yourself accountable. Engaging in regular physical activity has been shown to decrease stress levels. Find what kind of exercise works for you and develop a strong and passionate relationship with it. Our bodies are made to move so lets move them. Find a new love this Valentine’s Day, your health.