Human Performance Centre
Notice: We have made the decision to temporarily suspend treatment in the clinic until April 7th. We are hopeful operations will resume at that time. The fitness centre will remain closed as well. Thank you for your patience.

Atlantic Spine Program

The Atlantic Spine Program at Human Performance Centre is a core-conditioning program designed to treat back pain. Our main goal is to progress clients to a functionally active lifestyle. The program aims to decrease pain, increase strength, flexibility and range of motion, improve cardiovascular conditioning and improve overall functional ability.

The Atlantic Spine Program involves:

  • Physiotherapy treatment including the McKenzie Method of Mechanical diagnosis and therapy and assessment and treatment.
  • Objective baseline, midterm and final measurements.
  • Group exercises: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strengthening, core strength and stability conditioning.
  • Specific exercises tailored to the individual for a safe return to work and regular activity.
  • Education sessions covering a wide range of topics.