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Kids of Steel Rockwood Park Triathlon FAQ

When is the event held?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Where is the event held?

Registration and the event will be staged at Fisher Lakes in Rockwood Park; next to the A-frame canteen.

What time does the event start?

Registration will start at 7:45 A.M. There are five age divisions and therefore five start times. The first age division will start at approximately 9 A.M. As soon as the last person in the current age group completes the bike portion of the event the next age division swim will start.

Who can participate in the event?

The event is open to all individuals aged six to fifteen.

What are the age divisions?

All participants are registered with other participants in the same age Division.
Age Division: 6-7 (participant born anytime in 2011-2012)
Age Division: 8-9 (participant born anytime in 2009-2010)
Age Division: 10-11 (participant born anytime in 2007-2008)
Age Division: 12-13 (participant born anytime in 2005-2006)
Age Division: 14-15 (participant born anytime in 2003-2004)

Where can family/friends park their car?

Please park at the parking lot beside the stables. This will prevent pedestrian traffic on the bike course.

How much does registration cost?

Individual registration is $14; Family registration (2 or more participants) is $26.

Register by June 21st @ 6pm as event day registration is $30 /child.

Are there prizes awarded?

Each participant will receive a prize! Every finisher will have earned bragging rights of completing the event!

What do participants need to bring?

SWIM: Bathing suit, goggles (optional)

BIKE: Bicycle (racing, touring, mountain or BMX). Helmet is mandatory

RUN: Running shoes, clothing suitable for running, chests are to be covered

Snacks after the event: chocolate milk, Titus Bakery oatmeal cookies, bananas and watermelon.

Register by June 21st @ 6pm



Kids of Steel is a FUN event to expose kids to the sport of Triathlon. There is no timing. Every participant is a winner!!!

What are the event distances?

Age Division Distance
Swim Bike Run
6 - 7 25 m (1 lap) 1.5 km (1 lap) 400 m
8 - 9 50 m (2 laps) 3.0 km (2 laps) 1 km (1 lap)
10 - 11 100 m (4 laps) 4.5 km (3 laps) 2 km (2 laps)
12 - 13 150 m (6 laps) 6.0 km (4 laps) 3 km (3 laps)
14 - 15 200 m (8 laps) 7.5 km (5 laps) 3 km (3 laps)

What is the course for the event?


  • Swimming area in Fisher Lake; one length buoy to buoy is 25 metres. See picture.
  • Children are permitted to wear a lifejacket or floatation device.
  • Lifeguards will be in the water during the swim portion of the event. Swimmers are able to stop and rest if required.

Buoys run lengthwise in the blue colored section of picture for the swim. The yellow colored section is 1 loop of the bike( 1.5 km). The red line is the out and back run course.


  • Roadway around the Fisher Lake; one loop is 1.5 km in length. See picture.
  • Note to parents, friends & family- please help us keep the children safe - non-participants need to stay off the course. Pictures can safely be taken from the sidelines!


  • Trail behind the A-Frame building; out and back run; for youngest age group the distance out is 200 metres (out and back total of 400 metres); for other age groups it is a 500 metre distance to the turn point (out and back is 1 km).